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A Christmas Miracle

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

As Christmas rounded the corner in 2018, the contributions of Future for Children (FFC) Foundation's numerous donors were wired to the Holy Trinity Home for Children (HTHC) orphanage in Quezon City, Philippines. While children in America are often greeted on Christmas day with bundles of presents, due to limited funding, the orphans at HTHC are usually given whatever present could be bought with the money the sisters were able to scrounge up around Christmas. However, this Christmas, we at FFC Foundation wanted to ensure that these children receive as close to their ideal Christmas as possible. After wiring over $1,000 (which goes much farther in the Phillipines than it does in the U.S.), the sisters at the orphanage let us know that, through the generous donations, they were able to treat the children to true Christmas presents for the happiest time of the year.

Using the money, they bought personal, daily necessities for the children such as clothes, underwear, etc, things those in America often take for granted. In addition, they also spent the money to purchase a printer and Wi-Fi for the computer room at HTHC to ensure that these children are being provided opportunities to further their education and explore different corners of the world using these computers, as well as spend their downtime. By providing the orphans at HTHC access to high-quality internet, we hope that they can begin expanding their understanding of the world. Furthermore, high-quality lockers were bought for the children to keep their personal effects safe and organized. Lastly, a portion of the donations were allocated to funding an outing for the orphans. We, at FFC Foundation, whole-heartedly believe that one of the crucial steps to furthering the education of these children is being able to provide exposure to the real world, opportunities to travel, and learn through non-traditional methods that these children won't be able to experience through school. Thus, the children and sisters of HTHC spent their day at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Reserve with only two pre-requisites: explore and have fun. However, it's through exploring and seeing, firsthand, all the different types of animals and learning about them, that these children have gained knowledge they never would've received in school and memories to last a lifetime to go along with it.

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Reserve

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