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Books, Backpacks, and More

In preparation for back-to-school season, the generous donations of FFC Foundation’s 30 plus donors were wired to the Holy Trinity Home for Children in Quezon City, Philippines. Over $1,000 was donated to the orphanage, and by looking at everything the orphanage was able to accomplish with the money given, the benefits of donating to third-world orphanages could not be clearer. Not only was money wired to the orphanage, of the 50 backpacks donated by Danny and Melody Wu of DF Manufacturing, 30 were shipped across thousands of miles to the HTHC. Packed with notebooks, pencils, erasers, and other back-to-school stationery essentials (plus some candy), the other 20 backpacks were personally delivered by a few of us at FFC Foundation into the open arms of the children there. As their eager hands rummaged through the backpacks, their eyes lit up seeing the themed notebooks and candy in their new backpacks.

If you thought that was all FFC Foundation was doing to help the children get back into school, you’d be mistaken! With the help of our local community, over 100 books were shipped to the orphanage recently. Ranging from childhood staples like The Magic Treehouse series, to American classics like The Kite Runner, to informational books like Natural Disasters, the orphans of various ages were provided with a wide selection of new books for an intellectual challenge or a fun read. Lastly, to help with getting back into school, new school uniforms were bought for all the children along with new shoes!

Staying true to our emphasis on providing modes of education, both traditional and unconventional, when we at FFC Foundation discovered that the orphans at HTHC wanted to learn how to play the ukulele, we seized upon the opportunity to hire a music teacher for the orphans. Not only was a music teacher hired, seven ukuleles were bought for the orphanage to use so that whenever the children pleased, they could pick up a ukulele and play. Through FFC Foundation’s funds, the children have been taking multiple lessons, even learning enough songs to form an 8-person band. During our visit there, they played showcased their talent b playing multiple songs for us, including, “You Are My Sunshine” by the Pine Ridge Boys and Filipino classics. Countless studies have asserted that music plays a pivotal role during a child’s development; now, for the first time at HTHC, these tools are being provided to advance their growth and allow the orphans explore their musical inclinations.

Lastly, a new water purifier and washing machine for HTHC was purchased using some of the foundation’s funds. In the U.S., many households are privileged to not even have to think about where their seemingly infinite source of clean water is coming from. However, in neighborhoods such as the one in which HTHC is located in, abundant sources of clean water are sometimes scarce. We want to make sure the sisters and orphans at HTHC never have to worry about where they’re going to get their water for the next day. For pictures of the backpacks, books, water purifier, washing machine, stationery, ukuleles, music lessons, and everything else, please refer to the pictures below! Share this article with friends and stay updated on our journey as we continue to better the lifestyles of these orphans in the Philippines!

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